Will it snow next week???

Mile-long asteroid could be #dangerous to life on Earth in millions of years if it breaks up: scientists

Scientists: Mile-long asteroid could be dangerous to life on Earth in millions of years if it breaks up

The fire ball that passed over Japan in 2017 is linked to a mile-long asteroid. Scientists now believe that the asteroid, known as 2003 YT1 could break up and harm life on Earth.

I really do appreciate all of the information #science passes on to us; butt I think this little tit-bit about what MAY happen to the earth in millions of years is the most #useless I have seen.

We can not even get an accurate weather forecast at times, predicting what the weather will be like in a week. Sooooo; is it really relative news as to what MIGHT happen in millions years? Anyway at the rate we are going, mankind is on a fast track to destroy itself, soooo who will be here to witness the supposed catastrophic events.

With all of the #prediction bouncing around; it would be nice if one of the #Wizards would give a good number to bet on the #lottery so I could retire again.


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