It is always about the $oldi …

The #sports world is better with Conor McGregor back in the #octagon

Last night The #Irishman (Not the House Painter) gave Cowboy Cerrone a #whopping in 40 seconds of the 1st round; proving he can back-up all of his #braggadocios #malarkey.

Is The Irishman good. You bet your ass he is. That is not my issue.

I have a big problem that he was #reinstated in the UFC after Dana White categorically banned him from ever returning the with #Square Circle after Mc Gregor #savagely attacked one of his opponents.

At the time, White was highly pissed off and stated that is not what the UFC is all about. Well; we did find out what it is all about, a lot of 0000000.00

After the incident White said, McGregor would NEVER fight in the UFC again. That proclamation didn’t last too long. › mma › story › the-conor-mcgregor-bus-attack-word…
The Conor McGregor bus attack, in the words of those who …

Oct 3, 2018 – Conor McGregor attacked a bus and Khabib Nurmagomedov was on the bus, but they weren’t the only ones who lived through the most … › sport › mma › dana-white-conor-mcgregor-banned-fig…
Dana White claims Conor McGregor is ‘banned from fighting in …

Oct 3, 2018 – CONOR McGregor has been banned from fighting in New York as a result of his bus meltdown, Dana White has claimed. The UFC boss said …

So much for Dana White and his word. As in the rest of the business world, it is always about the $oldi.

We have to give Cowboy Cerrone a standing ovation for all of his great performances through the years. He is one hell of a warrior.

What is the lesson in this post?? Just about everything in the business world, is all about the $$$$.

For some some people; if there was a 10.00$ bill laying in the road, and their mother was next to it, a big old 18 wheeler was headed full steam ahead for them, and they had only one choice of who or what to save; Ma Ma better be very flexible so she can kiss her own ass goodbye.

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