Holy men my ass …..

Iraq’s secret sex trade


I watch the very disturbing documentary on Amazon about Iraq’s secret sex trade, performed and #justified by some of their clerics/holy men.

Prostitution in Iraq. Prostitution in Iraq is illegal. The Iraqi penal code outlaws prostitution, with the pimp, the prostitute and the client all being liable for criminal penalties. Punishment can be severe, including life imprisonment.en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Prostitution_in_Iraq
Prostitution in Iraq – Wikipedia

www.pbs.org › wgbh › frontline › article › how-some-iraqi-clerics-ar…
How Some Iraqi Clerics Are Facilitating the Country’s Secret …

Nov 12, 2019 – In an excerpt from “Iraq’s Secret Sex Trade,” a cleric officiates a … This practice is illegal under Iraqi law, and as the film reports, there are no …

To think that some of the so-called holy men in Iraq justify their involvement in prostitution by labeling it, #TEMPORARY MARRIAGES is #astounding.

One of the #Holy pimps even performs the arrangements/temporary marriage over the phone without even seeing the girl who happens to be about 12 -14 years old. For some of the degenerate JOHNS, the younger the girl is the better, going all the way down to 7 or 8 years old. Sick – sick – sick!!!

I really can not fault the girls for their involvement, they are so poor and destitute, if they did not sell their bodies, they would starve to death. Many of them commit suicide in a fit of desperation.

I guess #illegal sex has no boundaries. The Catholic pedophile priests are no better.

If you are an Amazon subscriber, I would suggest you watch this eye opening documentary on just how brutal, inhumane, deranged, and outright heartless some of the clerics are.

The story depicts how these holy men abused their positions my pimping out underage girls ranging from eight or nine years old on up and justifying it in the name of their god.

How do the clerics justify their actions; they call them temporary marriage, claiming it is legal in their religion, as long as they perform the ceremony. All it really amounts to are gigantic prostitution rings. If these arrangements between the Johns and the girls were not labeled temporary marriages by the clerics, the actions, according to them would be considered against the law. GO FIGURE.

The temporary marriages in which the John’s pay dearly for, can last from one hour or up to a couple weeks. Essentially owning the girl for that period of time, forcing her to do whatever turns him on. Whenever the John has satisfied his sexual desires; he discards the girl like yesterdays newspaper, leaving her to roam the streets for survival.

This is an unbelievable story that should be viewed by everyone to see just how fanatical and hypocritical these people are.

They do this all in the name of their God. Throughout the secretly recorded interviews by an undercover reporter from London, they all began their conversations with a god-bless-you salutation and are working their prayer beads feverishly. I guess that is to keep the evil spirits away.

You have to see it to believe it. Talk about a sick world we live in. It is getting worse by the second.

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