They have the crown, all they need is a job ….

Just last week, the Duke and Duchess announced plans to “step back” as members of the Royal Family and “work towards financial independence,” which means Meg is bidding adieu to her reported $500,000 clothing budget. And while they might not lead the same life of luxury the crown allows, at least Harry’s got some job prospects. Burger King just took to Twitter to remind the Prince he’ll “always have a job in our kingdom.” 

I am not sure if either one of the #USED-TO-BE ROYALS would know which end of the spatula to use when they are flipping burgers.

Bad idea.

Based on the kind of $oldi they are used to living on, they are going to be #hard-pressed to find a job making the $big bucks to maintain their lifestyles.

The real test; IFFFFFFFFFFFFF Harry ever goes bust ( I really doubt it) how soon there after will Meghan be getting her bonnet?? #Food for thought.

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