Don’t mess with Mother Nature …..

Last night I watch a segment on 60 Minutes of Venice being flooded; one of the worst floods in 100 years. It may have been shot a few months ago.

The frequency of the flooding is what is the biggest concern. What used to be occasional, is now more frequent and more severe.

Now I am reading that as of today, the canal that bring millions of tourists to Italy are dry as a bone. Go figure.

The arrogance of mankind often makes them believe they can control everything. Absolutely wrong.

Through the years, many structures, bridges, buildings, the Titanic, all claimed they were indestructible and were Mother Nature proof. There is nothing on this planet that is MOTHER NATURE PROOF. Mankind only exists on this planet Earth because Mother Nature allows us to. Anytime she is ready; at the snap of a finger, we will all be a bad memory and a pile of ashes.

So goes Venice. One day she is flooded, the next week her canals are as empty as the safe in a bank that John Dillinger robbed.

If we are smart – if we are smart – I repeat; if we are smart (I really doubt it); the powers that control this planet better get their heads together and heed the messages The Old Lady is sending us.

Personally; I think the time to turn it back around and reverse the damages we have caused; are long gone. The generations that are coming up are really going to have to pay the price/suffer for what our generation and those that came before us, how we so severely abused Mother Nature.

I think the Old Lady is good and pissed off and is showing her bad side. The signs are all around us.

There are or were solutions way back when; BUTT the greed of the high rollers in all the countries of the world and their obsession for power, wealth and control , continued to put it off and put it off until it is/was to late to reverse.


Later may be here in more ways than we can imagine.

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