Harry and his bride have to learn……

Royal courtiers chart path for Prince Harry’s independence

I said it from day one; Meghan has Harry’s nose wide open!!


nose wide open – Urban Dictionary
https://www.urbandictionary.com › define › term=nose wide open

The term is used to say a person, most usually a male, is crazy in love or lust over a girl, will focus total attention on her, ignoring his friends; maybe a hint that …

Tell me, who do you think wears the pants in the family??

I could come up with a very quick solution to THEIR ROYAL SITUATION. Cut of their finances. Have Harry go get a job in a local filling station and Meghan can go back to doing whatever she did before reeling in her big fish. Do we think they would have a change of heart?? You bet-cha.

If they continue to accept the royal money they are receiving, they should be expected to perform royal activities. I think LIZ is being too accommodating.

LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II has moved quickly to take control of the crisis surrounding the decision by Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, to distance themselves from the royal family, ordering royal courtiers to find a future role for the pair within days

.Officials representing the most senior members of the family — the monarch, her son Prince Charles, grandson Prince William, and Prince Harry and Meghan — were meeting to sort out a workable solution for the couple within the royal family.

If this nonsense continues of breaking every royal tradition; I don’t see the monarch lasting very long.

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