This old Nag doesn’t know which way to turn next …

Pelosi sets vote on measure to limit Trump’s war powers, citing ‘urgent’ concerns on Iran strategy

IDGAF if PDT found a cure for THE BIG C; this old ding-bat would say he invented cancer so he could take the credit for curing it. (Saying given to me from my Old Jar Head buddy that passed away JM; I miss the old boy).

Regardless of what he does (with the exception of the market) Nan and her crew will find fault.

What if we had another TMC (god forbid) sitting in THE BIG CHAIR now, would Nan want to limit his or her war powers?? That is a tough question to answer. She may just invite the whole Iranian country over to her crib for spaggs on Sunday.

How can some one with such a prestigious position, have so much power and be so ignorant?? It is mind boggling.

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