No a maybe or a possibly, it is cold, deadly fact …..

Ted Cruz: Iran missiles fired at Iraqi airbases were ‘in a very real sense’ paid for by billions that Obama sent Tehran

It is not a may-have that the weapons used against the USA were funded by no one less than the EX_president of the USA TMC (The Manchurian Candidate) Bay-rock Obomb-a.

I said it why back when, that in essence, TMC was funding our arch enemy to annihilate us. Have we heard one peep from the lefters condemning his un-explainable actions. Hell no. As I stated in yesterdays post, he not only released the 151 billion of theirs, he sent a nice little package, neatly strapped to a pallet containing 400 million IN CASH . HATFA???

If there is one person that should wear the jacket of shame in all of this, it is TMC, without question. He should be held accountable for everything thing that comes out of this war the USA is having with Iran. BUTT no, the lefters are trying to discredit PDT for having to clean up TMC’s mess. TMC threw up all over this country and PDT has unenviable task of cleaning clean it up.

Checkout yesterdays post:



Let me explain a fact of life. A coward is a coward is a coward. All we hear about is the abuse kids are taking by the hands of bullies. If the bully is not stopped DEAD in their track, the continue handing out the ass whoopings. If the USA does not stop the Iranian bullies DEAD in their track, they will continue their reign of terror they have been dispensing for 40 years. Now may be the time to stop them permanently. IF WE THINK THEY ARE DANGEROUS NOW WITHOUT NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES, CAN WE EVEN IMAGINE HOW DEADLY THEY WILL BE WITH THE BIG ONE??

Socio-democrats and lefters, AGAIN, get your head out of your ass and realize this not fun and games, this may be a matter of life and death. First came your pathetic guy (TMC) with his flower-child-socialist mentality, now you want to use the same PC tactics to clean it up. That will never happen.

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