Lazy is the main culprit ….

A third of Americans would give up sex for a year in exchange for the perfect body, study claims

Folks; your primary enemy when it comes to taking care of your body is yourself. You are the only captain of your ship and the only one that can set the ship destination.

I don’t care what weight/diet loss program we see advertised; they all say, along with the proper DIET and EXERCISE.

Discipline is the name of the game. If a person is in basically good health except for being overweight, it is because they want to be. They are too lazy, have no will power to get their fat posterior off the couch and onto the tread mill.

Diet is probably the number 1 New Years resolution that is broken by January 5th.

Most people have no concept of what getting into condition takes. It is NOT necessary to be completely drained/exhausted, and your ass dragging after a workout. 20-30 minutes a day of moderate exercise is all that is necessary to maintain a respectable health and weight level.

These are some of the side affect of being FAT. If being a slob does not bother you, don’t read on.

The Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity


People who have obesity, compared to those with a normal or healthy weight, are at increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions, including the following:

  • All-causes of death (mortality)
  • High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (Dyslipidemia)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint)
  • Sleep apnea and breathing problems
  • Some cancers (endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder, and liver)
  • Low quality of life
  • Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders4,5
  • Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning6

Those are for starters. Add on looking like hell – feeling rotten and disgusted with yourself.

Awhile back, I was in a restaurant – the two ladies across from me both ordered a large pizza and a DIET Pepsi. They are only kidding themselves.

I would guess that an eating addiction is probably one of the hardest addictions to control. With all of the temptation there are out there; the constant bombardment of TV commercials flashing their fast food specials, it takes a good person to stay on track and ignore them.

A flaw of human nature; most people are too weak and lazy to get committed to an exercise routine and stay with it. Staying with it is paramount. It is important to do your routine at lease 4 – 5 times a week. for at least 30 minutes at a time. Start out easy and do not get discouraged. Gradually work your way up to the 30 – 40 minute routine.

People make every excuse not to exercise. Biggest excuse, the do not have time. Nonsense, make time. Get out of bed 30 minutes earlier. Once a routine is established, it is easy to maintain.

It is not necessary to join a health club, but a good idea if you need others to motivate you. If you make up your mind to get in shape, don’t make excuses you don’t have room. You can exercise inside a phone booth if necessary.

Marching in place is a very good way to get exercise if a person has limited facilities. All we are attempting to do is get our heart rate up so we burn fat. Marching in place for 20 minutes – doing some push ups and sit ups is all anyone needs to get their body into the fat burning mode. Consistency and commitment is the key to it all.

If you can’t do regular push-ups, do them on your knees or an elevated bench – counter top of chair.

Start at the top of the push up position with your hands on the floor, arms straight and underneath your shoulders. Step your knees back behind you so that there is a straight line through your body from your knees up to your head. Engage your glutes, tense your legs and brace your core to keep your body rigid.

Or if you have a reason you can not kneel on the floor:

You do not need to join a health club to exercise, all of these exercises can be done right in your home.

The name of the game to accomplishing anything, including keeping fit is commitment – determination and stick-to-itiveness. Don’t let LAZY be your undertaker.


Is it hard to get going with a daily regiment?? It sure is, but once you make that commitment and stick with it, it will become part of your everyday routine. Your body will crave it.

Eating healthy and in moderation – exercising regularly – sticking to it, will be the keys to a longer and healthy life. Who are you doing it for, but yourself. Be a good example to the people around you, especially the kids. Get them started on the right track.

Globally, obesity is one of the top five leading causes of death. It causes more than 2.8 million deaths each year. The other four leading causes are high blood pressure, tobacco use, high blood glucose, and physical inactivity.

Combining all of the above is a definite recipe for disaster.


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