Far cry from the wheeler dealing La La Land mogul …..

In plain English; the pervert looks like shit.

I would think a good portion of Wineburger’s act is just a facade looking for public sympathy. Wineburger looks like VINNY THE CHIN Gigante, the New York mobster who stumbled around in his pajamas pretending to be mentally disturbed for years, trying to avoid arrest.


Vincent Gigante: The “Insane” Mafia Boss Who Almost …
https://allthatsinteresting.com › vincent-gigante-the-oddfather

For nearly 30 years, Genovese crime boss Vincent Gigante pretended to be mentally ill to avoid prison. … The Early Career of Vinny “The Chin” Gigante. Vincent …

Let us hope the judge in Wineburger’s case is not on the take; none of the jury can be bought off, and optimistically, THE HOG will get what is coming to him.

Just to show the lack of remorse Wineburger is for his actions; he said, many of the accusers should thank him for furthering their careers. The balls of the guy are bigger than any pawn shop.

I don’t care how we slide the baloney, the guy is beastly looking.

I know; none of his female companions were in it for the $oldi!!

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