Serious Wolf Tickets ….

With nuclear-weapons talks stalled, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un threatens ‘shocking actual action’ against US

The Kid-dick-tator sure knows how to kick off a New Year.

Weeks after threatening to deliver an unpleasant “Christmas gift’’ that never materialized, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he’s ready to take “shocking actual action.’’

Frustrated with the slow pace of nuclear-disarmament negotiations with the U.S. that may bring his country relief from economic sanctions, Kim warned that he’ll soon unveil a new strategic weapon.

It is too bad The Kid and his closest supporters can not be isolated in some remote area, where we could drop THE BIG ONE on him and silence him permanently. These threats getting old.

The biggest concern should be with The Kid; he is nuts enough to push the button if his back is against the wall or if he knows he is cashing-in. I would hope that our government and others are working on ways to deep-six this fool before he gets us. It is a very touchy/precarious and dangerous situation.

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