This dreadful incident proves my point ….

Texas church security member who shot gunman was a former reserve deputy and firearms instructor

The volunteer security member who fatally shot a gunman in a Texas church on Sunday was a former reserve deputy sheriff who is a firearms instructor, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Monday.

This incident solidly proves my point. I have done numerous post on having armed guards stationed at schools, churches and other highly frequent places. The shooting in Texas is a great example of how many lives can be saved if well trained armed guards are at these facilities.

It is a crying shame that our country has evolved to this pathetic state, but being that we are in it, we must move in the right direction and enact the most logical safe means to keep our people safe. The circumstances/outcome would have been on a lot of different if the armed guard did not shoot the gunman.

Would my recommendation be expensive and difficult to get into motion?? Absolutely; but what is more important, the saving of lives or well spent money on saving our citizens lives. We give away trillions to foreign countries that can be used for the welfare of our own people.

These are the sign of the times. Better get in step or order a lot more body bags.

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