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Texas Republican credits church security team, change in state law after shooting

Gotta fight fire with fire – gotta be a step ahead of the criminal – gotta be proactive and alert at all times – gotta be packing.

Is it a sin to see what we have evolved to as human-beings where we have to be armed, even in a place of worship to protect our lives and those of others?? Absolutely yes. But if we are not on our toes and on high alert, we may be flat on our backs in a coffin.

The deadly shooting inside a Texas church on Sunday prompted Republicans there to credit the changes in state law that permitted concealed firearms inside places of worship after it was revealed that the gunman was fatally shot six seconds by armed parishioners after opening fire.

In this still frame from livestreamed video provided by law enforcement, churchgoers take cover while a congregant armed with a handgun, top left, engages a man who opened fire, near top center just right of windows, during a service at West Freeway Church of Christ, Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, in White Settlement, Texas. (West Freeway Church of Christ/Courtesy of Law Enforcement via AP)

The unidentified gunman killed two when he opened fire inside the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, which is outside Fort Worth. Authorities are trying to determine a motive. Police said the gunman entered the church and sat down before 11 a.m. He stood up, pulled out a shotgun and shot two parishioners who died at a nearby hospital.

The people in this country that do not believe in the right to bear arms; take a good look at this incident and tell me; if these armed parishioners were not there and packing, the outcome would have been much worse. The shooter was killed 6 seconds by the parishioners after he started firing. Great reaction time!!!!!

Does any sane person get ant satisfaction out of killing someone?? Hell no; but it has become a matter of survival, kill or be killed. If we are not prepared and rise to the occasion, get more body bags ready.

Remember one important fact. It is not citizens Joe and Jane who carry a fire arm for protection that is the problem, IT IS THE CRIMINAL.

How hard can it be to get across to to some thick skulked people; we have to be one step ahead of the shooters?? Can we even being to imagine the carnage if the only people that had guns were the criminals/terrorists/mentally insane??

Wake up fools; unfortunately, this is the reality we live in these days and will only get worse if not defended properly as it was in Texas this weekend. Thank goodness there we not more causalities.

Survival will be of the fittest and the ones not caught with their pants down is the name of the new game.

I say carrying guns should be allowed by TRAINED – RESPONSIBLE people in any and all places as a matter of self-protection. Folks, it s either them or us. This scenario is NOT GOING AWAY.

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