Talk about a brutal bitch ….

Mother who injected feces into son with cancer’s IV during chemo sentenced to 7 years

An Indiana woman who admitted injecting her son’s IV with fecal matter has been sentenced.

Seven years is not long enough.

Tiffany Alberts


Tiffany Alberts of Wolcott, was sentenced Thursday to seven years in prison and five years probation for six counts of aggravated battery and one neglect charge, according to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. In September, Alberts was acquitted of an attempted murder charge.

There are very few words to describe any mother that would do what this psycho did to her son.

Alberts admitted to investigators that she had collected her son’s feces and injected it in his IV. She said she did it to get him moved to a different floor at the hospital where she claimed he would get better treatment.

There had to be an insurance policy involved or some other factor that would make this nut-case go off the deep end.

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