I say why not …..

#MeToo for the boardroom: California gender diversity law could lead to more women quotas nationally


Starting this week, California law will require the all-male boards of publicly traded companies headquartered in the state to add at least one woman. By 2021, boards with five members must have two women, while those with six members must have three. Public companies that don’t comply could face fines of $100,000 for a first violation and $300,000 for a subsequent violation.

The State of California does some stupid – off the wall things, but this one makes a lot of sense to me. If any women is qualified and not just a quota filler, why should she not be hire for the top position.

As far as I am concerned, they have been used – abused and neglected for years. Many of the macho men out there do not want to admit just how qualified SOME women are.

I say depending on the position, there are some ladies more qualified than some men. The ladies are a lot tougher than some men will admit. Some definitely smarter; with the exception of NAN. Nan who; take a guess.

Don’t sell the ladies short; they should be hired and pay them according to their qualifications.

The casting couch is out Weinbugrer!!

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