She has the keys to the chambers ….. Keeper of the secrets ….

Jeffrey Epstein case: FBI ‘investigating Ghislaine Maxwell’

So went Epstein; possibly, so goes Maxwell??


British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and others are under FBI investigation following the Jeffrey Epstein case, sources have told US and other media.

They face investigation over possible crimes linked to the sex trafficking charges laid against the US financier before he killed himself in August.

Ms Maxwell, a long-time Epstein friend, has not been accused by the authorities of wrongdoing.

She has the keys to the chambers ….. Keeper of the secrets ….

Epstein had been charged with the sex trafficking of dozens of girls and authorities believe that Epstein’s broad has a lot of information that can hang some very heavy hitters.

Freaks of a feather, flock together. Why would any person, with the least amount of moral fiber, knowing what he is all about, hang out with a freak like Epstein??

Ms. Maxwell better have some heavy duty body guards to keep her breathing. She has the keys that can lock up or disgrace some very influential pigs. Right Andy!!


The Duke of York, Prince Charles’s younger brother, is a longtime personal friend of Epstein’s and has been directly accused of having sex with at least one underage girl. In 2015 court documents, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, seen here in a photo with Prince Andrew, said she was coerced into having sex with the British royal. She also said she was forced to participate in an orgy with other underage girls and the Prince. Buckingham Palace has denied the claims.

As we would expect, the first thing Andy did was , deny – deny + deny. Having a fling with someone his age, may have been acceptable or overlooked, BUTT an underage girl. Shame on you Andy.

Some of these people disassociated themselves with this freak when they found out what his proclivities were. The ones that continued to hang with the freak are the people Maxwell should be fearful of.

Ghislaine; stay out of the rain, and watch out for the guy with the umbrella!!


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