The pigs and the entitlement bug …..

Embattled union honchos’ lavish spending exposed: Villas, four-figure dinners, $60,000 cigar bill

Many union officials or pigs, whatever have you, are suffering from the entitlement bug that bit them in their fat thieving asses. They are sitting at the unions pension buffet table and are stuffing themselves until they explode.


While the rank and file are out there busting their ass, trying to make a living, these bums are living high on the hog spending the unions money like drunken sailors.

Where do these parasites get their balls from?? They are out there living the Life of Riley on their members dime and think they have it coming. They are absolute scumbags.

Unions were initially instituted to protect the working man. They were the best thing that ever happened to organized labor. That is UNTIL the dollar$ started rolling in.

As time progressed the membership grew and they got stronger, the coffers start getting filled and that is when the crooks came out of the woodwork.

That might as well have been the motto for some former top officials at the United Automobile Workers, whose lavish spending on luxuries including high-end cigars, four-figure dining and California villas has been exposed in painstaking detail by federal prosecutors.

It’s a case that threatens to cause serious problems for top auto union bosses, including Gary Jones, who resigned as president last month under pressure. A complaint filed in September in Michigan federal court against union leader Vance Pearson refers to several unnamed individuals, but union officials have told the New York Times that one of them, UAW “Official A,” is, in fact, Jones, whose home was raided by federal agents.

The Mafia and other organized crime sectors noticed that the pickings were very easy if they could get to the right person that controlled the money. In most cases, the mob had no problem finding the right thief to deal with.

In the beginning, there was a very little control/scrutiny of the unions funds. Eventually it became a free for all on which one can steal the most. During that time period is when the mob went to the unions seeking construction loans to build Vegas.

That was the case with the Cleveland based Teamsters Union, headed by Bill Presser, then later on by his bum son Jackie. (As a point of interest; they both took a deal with the FBI years later and dropped a quarter on the guys in the mob they were tied up with) Because of the unions NO INTEREST LOANS to the mob, the teamsters assisted the mob in getting Las Vegas construction off the ground with their casinos.

After the casinos were up and running, the skimming of funds back to the mob was rampant. Millions of dollars went back to each family.

Three mob bosses, Frank Balistrieri of Milwaukee, James Licavoli of Cleveland and Nick Civella of Kansas City, quarreled over the division of money they were illegally reaping from the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

According to testimony in a recent Federal trial in Kansas City, Mo., they took their dispute for arbitration by Joseph John Aiuppa, the Mafia boss of all bosses in the Middle West.

Angelo Lonardo, (who also became an FBI informant to save his ass) then Cleveland underboss who in those days was the recipient of up to $10,000 a month in illegally skimmed casino profits. None of this would have been possible without union funds. Omerita my ass!!

Another issue that made the unions look bad; they went from their primary purpose of representing the workers to controlling the industry, many times using extreme force, from beatings to bombings. The blowing up of equipment and buildings were not out of the question for the owners that did not want to sign on the dotted line.

Along with their thirst and misappropriation of union funds came big salaries for Union officials and absorbent expense accounts. The pigs have a sense of entitlement, and thought the funds of the Union were there for them to do with as they pleased. Situations got so out of control, the time came when federal officials had to come in and take control of the unions (receivership) because of the leadership’s greed and misuse of funds.

Pigs like Gary Jones thought they had an open book and went haywire with the unions funds.

A 13,000.00$ bill a a cigar store?? GMAFB. This bum is just one of hundreds of union officials that think the pension funds coffers are their own personal bank account. I could name a few in Cleveland.

“A December 2015 Gary’s Sales invoice issued to ‘UAW c/o [UAW Official A]’ for a $13,046.91 purchase that included an order for 12 boxes of Ashton Double Magnum cigars at $268.00 per box (totaling $3,216) and 12 boxes of Ashton Monarch Tubos cigars at $274.50 a box (totaling $3,294),” was among the purchases listed in court documents. The documents listed another $13,000 purchase invoiced to Pearson from the same store the following year, part of an alleged $60,000 on cigar- and tobacco-related purchases between 2014 and 2018.

The Times detailed how a “master account” was billed for over-the-top dinners, including one at LG’s Prime Steakhouse that ran over $6,500. Jesus Christ; Kobe beef is only 110.00.00$ a pound.

According to a Detroit Free Press report, prosecutors allege top union officials misused upward of $1.5 million. Pearson is facing charges including embezzlement of union funds, filing false reports and maintaining false union records, money laundering, conspiracy, and mail and wire fraud.



Compare them to what their average union workers make a year.

Union Worker Annual Salary ($40,711 Avg | Dec 2019 … › Salaries › Union-Worker

I remember years back when I was in the union. The officials were paid TOP RATE plus a couple hundred a week, a car and limited expenses. Possibly topping out at 400.00$ a week, not including expenses.

Union Wages and Hours: Building Trades, July 1, 1970 … › docs › publications › bls › bls_1709_1971

Jul 1, 1970 – Hourly wage rates for union building-trades workers, in cities with 100,000 inhabitants or more, averaged. $6.18 on July 1, 1970— up 64 cents, ..

The mob began filtering THEIR OWN into the leadership of the unions; then they gained complete control.

Because of some unions Mafia style tactics, many unions in the country are hanging on by a thread, feeling the effects of their dominance. It is mostly because the greed and stupidity of the unions leaders.

Like so many other situations; something that was initially set up for a good purpose turned bad because of the pigs that run it.

Not all unions fall into this less than complimentary category, but enough of them do to make the entire industry look bad. Just like good cops and bad cops. Enough of them are out of line and make the rest look unfavorable.

I say make an example of these union leader pigs and move them from the palatial mansions to a 4 x 8 cell.

I would have more respect for the bums if they were bank robbers. At least the funds they stole would be insured and not as bad as stealing from their own.

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