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Pope Francis warns of ‘rigidity,’ says church must adapt or it will become increasingly irrelevant


What exactly is The Pope saying?? Either conform to the modern way of life or the end is near for the Catholic Church. Get rid of all or some of the traditions the church was built on .

I may agree that the church has to say up the times, but I disagree with issues like priests getting married, women becoming priests and some other old time traditions the church was built on.

Can we imagine how the church will be crying for more donation$ if a priest has 4 kids, 2 car payments, college tuition and all the other expenses involved in a family unit?? How about divorce??

Allow priest to get marries; will not solve the pedophile plague; pedophilia is a mental sickness and nothing to do with NORMAL sexual relations between a man and a women.

By the pope capitulating to MODERN TIMES as he expects to do, trying to eliminate becoming irrelevant, is going to be the same mistake they made like covering up the sex crimes.

Lets face it; the Catholic religion is skating on thin ice and relaxing the rigid rules that once made it a power house will not solve it’s descent.

What is their answer to SALVATION?? I don’t know; except one of these days the Catholic Church may just be a memory.

On top of their sexual problems, many people are NOT looking to the church today as they once did for guidance. If they can not guide themselves, how can they guide others??

Merry Christmas or Bah Humbug; whatever floats your boat. It is not necessary to be a religious person, to being a good/decent person.

Stick with the old traditions and enforce them. They are what made the world great; once upon a time. That is one of the reason the world is in such chaos; the demise and erosion of old school family traditions.

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