Putting their $oldi where the bible is ….

Virginia pastors give $17,000 from church’s budget to pay off school lunch debt

The holidays came early for some Virginia families struggling to pay school lunch debt. Three Virginia pastors used more than $17,000 from their church’s budget to pay off meal debt at two local school systems.

“It seemed like a good idea, (but) we didn’t know if there was a need because no one ever seems to talk about this,” said the Reverend Jerry Williams, a pastor at Mount Ararat Baptist Church. “So we called the school systems. And gosh, wow, was there a need.”

Williams, the Reverend Brian Bennett and the Reverend Andrew Segre gave $10,500 to Stafford County Public Schools and close to $7,000 to Spotsylvania County Public Schools, which wiped out balances across the district, news outlets reported.

It is refreshing to see that SOME men of the cloth actually practice what they preach.

Unlike the high-rolling, phony reverends that only fill their coffers; these three revs put their money where their bible is.


Is this what religion is supposed to be all about?? Fast-talking/silver-tongued-serpents conning the shit out of people with their HOLIER THAN THOU hustle. They have no shame.

Many of the donations they get are from very poor people giving their last dollar to the church; while the hustlers are living large and flaunting it in their face.

It is just the frailty/trusting nature and gullibility of human nature to be sucked in by these charlatans.

The three preachers mentioned above demonstrate what men of the cloth should be all about.

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