Scumbag scammers …..

Phone scam: North Dakota father gets call saying his Marine son was killed on active duty

When you think you have heard of all the lowest things a scumbag could possibly do, another degenerate comes up with another rouse to top it.

North Dakota father received a piece of horrible news that left him searching for options after a private phone number reached out to tell him that his son, a Marine, had been killed while on active duty.

That phone call — which turned out to be scam — seemed legitimate until the person on the other end asked for his Social Security number.

Just how demented does a bottom-feeder have to be to pull a shot like that?? Pretty sick, mentally deranged bastard I would say. If there is such a thing as Karma, I hope it comes back big time and bites the scammer in the ass.

Never, ever give out personal information such as social security numbers to anyone, especially over the phone. The last 4 numbers are the most you should be willing to give up in order to legitimize the call and still be safe.

If I ever get a suspicious phone call, I get the number for the organization from the internet and call them directly. One bad financial move can destroy you for many years to come.

It is beyond my comprehension that such despicable, scum-sucking pig exits.

Like the roaches they are, they should all be exterminated.

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