Example of fake news …..

‘These people are profitable’: Under Trump, private prisons are cashing in on ICE detainees

Good example of fake news or telling half-truths.


Did Donald Trump have a hand in initially organizing private prisons?? Is PDT deliberately having immigrants arrested so he can send them to private prisons?? The answer to both questions is, absolutely NO!!

So why would the headlines read, ‘These people are profitable’: Under Trump, private prisons are cashing in on ICE detainees ?? Fake news and half truths.

I know that PDT is not a spring chicken, but he sure as hell was not around when private prisons first opened in the USA.

Private jailsprisons, and detention centers have a long history in the U.S., as far back as 1852 when San Quentin was the first for-profit prison in the U.S.long before it was state-owned. A resurgence in private prisons came in the wake of wide-spread privatization that took place during the 1980s.

Now; if the authors of this piece of news would have said; private prisons have been thriving under all the presidents in the USA since 1852, that would have been more accurate.

Where the hell are the illegals supposed to be housed if all PUBLIC jails are full??

So GMAGFB people. Post the news more accurately and not always slanted away from Trump. He has enough on his plate dealing with other fools like you.

Who would you rather be in the fox hole with; Obama or Trump?? Remember, Obama (AKA TMC) refuse to wear the American Flag on his lapel at one time. He was president that had no use for his own country.


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