Who Bobby Boy would never use vulgarity ….

Robert De Niro’s former employee moves to dismiss actor’s lawsuit against her

Robinson, who filed her suit in October, sued De Niro for $12 million. Meanwhile, De Niro initially sued her for $6 million in damages, which Robinson’s attorneys said on Tuesday should be stricken for being “excessive,” according to Variety.


In Robinson’s October lawsuit, she claimed that De Niro routinely subjected her to “vulgar, inappropriate and gendered comments,” in addition to overworking and underpaying her while she worked for him at his company, Canal Productions, Inc.

How Bobby Boy use vulgar language. I can’t even fathom that behavior out of him.

Possibly if De Niro is a little short on legal expenses, he can call on Donald Trump for a short term loan. I am sure Donny would welcome him with open arms.

The guy seems to be up against it; he can’t even afford a hair cut.

Fools like Bobby and Weinburger the Rapist (or whatever his name is), they get to the point in their life where they think they could walk across the Atlantic. They can do no wrong, they are untouchable.

I don’t know how many people read Weinburger’s statement the other day. He said; instead of his victims being pissed off at him, they should be thanking him for all he did for women’s equality and advancement. Or something to that effect.

These guy are a piece of work. Maybe Bobby wants Ms. Robinson to thank him for teaching her some new swear words.

Guys, you have to be nice/respect the ladies; they are the backbone of our society!!!!!

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