They claim to be intelligent people – GMAFB !!!!!!!!

Independent voter on Pelosi’s reason for impeachment: ‘She’s insulting my intelligence’

Some people seem to mistake the comparison between intelligent and having good common-sense. There are people that have dozens of shingles hanging on their walls, but do not have the sense to come out of the rain. I will take good old common-sense and street-sense any day over being a super intellect.

That is the category that Nan, her Ship of Fools and all the other blinded sheep fall into; highly educated fools.

It has been demonstrated to them dozens of times they are pissing up a rope (little tough on the ladies) with this absurd impeachment. Yet; because of their absolute ignorance, they are fearful of doing an about face now, admit they were wrong because they will look more ridiculous now than when they started it.

A voter who confronted an Oklahoma congresswoman over the impeachment of President Trump told Fox News Tuesday she was inspired to speak out after hearing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., say that “our Constitution was at stake” if the president was not impeached.

“I’m not a political person by any means. And I was watching the television and Speaker Pelosi looked at me and said, ‘Our constitution is at stake if we don’t impeach the president.’ And then she went on to tell me that this is not a political matter,” Susan Jaslow, an independent voter in Oklahoma, told “The Story with Martha MacCallum. “And I was just highly insulted. She’s insulting my intelligence. I mean, that’s absolutely ludicrous.”

The only conclusion anyone with any common-sense can conclude; these are desperate fools hanging on to anything they can, MAKING IT UP AS THEY GO, to trying to have some of the bull-shit they are slinging stick to the wall.

 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., say that “our Constitution was at stake” if the president was not impeached. Is that MOTHER dramatic or what?? In desperation, this old hag is pulling out all the stops.



Susan Jaslow is 1,000% right, they are insulting our intelligence. Anyone that buys into this absurd impeachment process is an absolute fool. I hate to tell The Ship of Fools, their wooden hull is full of holes and sinking very rapidly.

Nan, go home and make a pot of sauce or gravy if that is what you call it, if you remember how

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