Like it doe$n’t exi$t ……

John Stossel: Trump impeachment — Congress, liberal media obsess while $23 trillion in problems is forgotten

John hit THE SOONER OR LATER nail on the head.

I have done several posts on the National Debt and the absurdity that the politicians in the USA pretend it doesn’t even exist.

Old school mentality, something I live by, taught us fundamentally on how we should live productive, honest, responsible lives. There are hundreds of examples; but one of them is; never borrow money, if you are forced to, pay it back the next day or asap.

How is it possible that our politicians totally ignore our financial crisis?? Their mentality (if they have one) is; ignore it, let the next guy fix it. It is called passing the buck. The next guy has come and gone a dozen times and none of them have made an attempt to clear the books. The debt is so high now, it may be impossible to ever clear up.

If this does not make you sick, I don’t know what will!!

Like many other difficult issue in life, the irresponsible people fluff them off and put the heat on the next guy.

When we take a good look around, what the hell are we leaving for future generations, BUTT a mass of disasters?? Piss poor race relations – gang violence – terrorism – out of control drug epidemic – failing infrastructures – miserable role models in all walks of life, and the beat goes on.

Unfortunately, the people we elected to keep this country on solid ground have failed their responsibilities miserably. With all of the above mentioned and more, they have been putting all of their efforts into impeaching a man that has not committed impeachable offenses.

Down the dirty road, there are going to be major days of reckoning to settle up these scores that have been abused and ignored. One of the most significant pay-backs will be settling the national debt. This monster is not going to disappear.

What is the answer?? Shit can all of the politicians and start with a clean slate. This and paying off of the National Debt may be:

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