Surprise – Surprise – Surprise …

CNN admits Trump correct, that 2 Democrats misquoted Ukraine call during impeachment markup session

What do you know. When CNN, one of the arch enemies of PDT, has their back against the wall and have nowhere to hide, they have to come clean and admit the truth.

CNN sided with President Trump this week, agreeing in a fact check that two House Democrats, both from Texas, had misquoted the president’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky during a House Judiciary Committee impeachment markup session.

In a Twitter message Thursday, Trump wrote that Reps. Veronica Escobar, who represents El Paso, and Sheila Jackson Lee, who represents Houston, “purposely misquoted my call.”

So many time I have said; no matter what a person decides to do in life, they must be good at it. If they collect garbage, be good at it. IF the are clerks in a store be good at it. If they are going to be politicians, be good at it. The majority of politicians failed miserably when it comes to passing the Bull-shitting 101 test. They can remember the last lie they told, so they make up a new one that has no similarity.

There is nothing wrong with holding any persons feet to the fire if they cross the line. The main consideration should be; is the information factual. A false accusation is as harmful as a true accusation. Many false accusations are never proven to be inaccurate, and the accused has to live with it for life.

I am thrilled to see that CNN stepped up to the plate and set the record straight. Possibly, if they scrutinize many of the other falsehoods surrounding PDT, they may see that Trump is not the monster they all are trying to make him out to believe.

Hats off to CNN today.

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