The HOLLYWOOD PIG dodged another bullet ….

Can you believe it; this scumbag, molester, rapist beat the system again. He is walking away, even if it is with a walker, almost as if these incidents didn’t happen. What is the old adage; money talks and bullshit walks??


According to the terms of the settlement, Weinstein — who has been accused of various forms of sexual misconduct, including rape —  would not have to admit wrongdoing or pay any of his accusers with his own money (TALK ABOUT A DEAL OF A LIFETIME, THIS SONS-A-BITCH HAS A CHARMED LIFE) . The women who have brought civil suits against him would instead split a pool of money paid by insurance companies.

Get it – does not admit to any wrong doing ORRRR, pay for any of the settlement with his own $oldi. WOW.

It had to cost the pig a fortune for his high-priced-ambulance chasers to cement a sweet deal like that; UNLESS he finagled to have the insurance company for them as well???

This says a couple of things to me. # 1, many of the women that brought charges up against the HOLLYWOOD PIG, are more interested in cashing-in, than seeing him pay the price of serving time. That is not justice.

Harvey Weinstein and the board of his former film studio reached a tentative agreement Wednesday with more than 30 of his accusers on a $25 million settlement, according to The New York Times. If the deal was to go through, it would end many of the civil lawsuits brought against the disgraced movie producer.

All along I had my doubts if this pig would go to the slaughter house. He has too much pull, too many friends in high places and too much money.


I know it is an impossibility, but I have suggested to pass laws that make any crimeS committed in Alaska or Florida, throughout the country, punishable by the same sentence, no exceptions. It would eliminate all the loop holes and the crooks getting their palms greezed.

I usually have overwhelming sympathy for the ladies that are victimized, BUTT in this case, they took the money and ran, instead of seeing their rapist go to prison. If THE PIG was brought to trial and found guilty, they may have got more $oldi than they did wit their settlement??

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1 Response to The HOLLYWOOD PIG dodged another bullet ….

  1. The only women who brought charges against him are the ones who didn’t make it in Hollywood. The ones that did, remain silent. I wonder why.

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