Opposite sides, but still respectful; the right to agree to disagree…

This post is from a dear friend of mine that I bump heads with many times about politics and social issues; but at the end of the day, we are still friends and have the utmost RESPECT for one another.

Posting for the Goomba Gazette—Thanks to for letting the son of a Navy veteran do a guest column.

I’ve been thinking about writing a piece about the Motto and Values of the Marine Corps and their applications to our times.  Recently, I have observed three things which force me to write this:  First, a bumper sticker on the back of a pickup truck which reads Hunting License for Liberal Terrorists with blood drops superimposed on it.  Second, a T shirt with the writing I’d rather live in Russia than under a Democratic President. And third, Senator Ted Cruz supporting the Ukrainian Interference in the 2016 election.

When did we as a country and people and when did the Republicans reverse years of rather sound rejection of Communism and Russian Dominance of the world?  The repetition of lies about Ukraine only diverts from Putin’s delight at no longer being blamed for interference in our elections while further dividing us as a nation.  The repetition of a lie does not establish the lie as the truth!  That’s called propaganda.  The hunting license for Liberal Terrorists goes beyond free speech to declare open season on killing/intimidating liberals/moderates.  The Nazis and brown shirts perfected this sort of propaganda leaving a lot of victims in their wake!  And finally, Senator Cruz’ parroting of Ukrainian interference in our elections is offensive Russian Propaganda (screamed and sung repetitively by the entire Republican establishment from President Trump down).  This parroting from a man accused by POTUS of having Cruz’ father involved in the assassination plot on President Kennedy demonstrates the fear of reprisals in the Trumpistas Party.  Why perpetuate this divisive bullshit?  Why are we playing into the hands of a resurgent Russia?

To these observed behaviors my mother would say shame on you.  For me and my family, we would say Cease and Desist NOW!  Marine values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment are in the balance.  Respect for human dignity and for each other, acting responsibly, being accountable, showing pride and concern for others, and achieving a standard of excellence in every endeavor are far greater values than the trash I’ve recently observed above. 

As a proud American liberal, Semper Fidelis.  Thanks


Doc G; thank you for your input. I always appreciate your views and opinions. Don’t always agree, but always listen!

I agree with you, but only to a certain degree. There are crackpots and radicals on both sides of the isle; they are not just restricted to the republicans. The democrats certainly have their share and more.


The major consideration most people in this world have forgotten is; treat people the way they would want to be treated. If anyone, regardless of what their political persuasion is does not have RESPECT for their fellow man, they would sound a lot better with their mouth taped shut.

I have no doubt that PDT has crossed the lines several time in his life, but you tell me which one of the Boulder Rollers haven’t. Before they roll the boulders at anyone, they should look at their own glasshouse first; or possibly look at their private sex Island.

How many of the Boulder Rollers admitted they did not even read THE TRANSCRIPT before coming to judgement. They have admitted publicly; no matter what Trump does, right – wrong or indifferent, they will find some problem with it and go against him. They all took a blood oath the day Trump put his hand on the bible to buck him every inch of the way. The only thing they are not bitching about is the money they are making on the market.

I did a post yesterday; where some fool politicians are putting their game plan together already when Trump wins in 2020. I am putting my money, he will. This politician is a great example of being total nut case.


As far as I am concerned, on a percentage basis, if there are maybe 10% of the politicians in this country that are honest and hard working for the betterment of the USA, I would be surprised. I may even be stretching the numbers.

From what I read and what I see, 90% of all of them are nothing but parasites, only getting out of their positions what they can for their own benefit.

To sum it up; I don’t have any respect for anyone that is not respectful to others, no matter what race – religion – creed – political persuasion or who their Daddy is.

Respect and education are the only keys to making this country great again.  We don’t have to like the guy next door; just respect him and hopefully he will respect us.

Thanks for your contribution and astute observations on the USMC. It is the greatest Brotherhood in the world and I am very proud to have served in it.  

Semper Fi back at you – you would have made a good Jar Head.  

I am sure your Navy Vet father would be very proud of you!!

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