Bill would not know the truth if it bite him in the ass ….

Patriots caught videotaping Bengals after ‘unintended oversight’

Is there any infraction of the rules that Belichick has pulled he will admit responsibility for??

With his overwhelming obsession to win, Bill will cheat, steal, connive and do anything he can to come out on top. His MO is, he never takes the rap. Deny – deny – deny. Sounds like a politician to me.

He reminds me of a 5 years old kid that was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, will look into your eyes and will flatly deny it.


Fining the guy for his cheating hasn’t worked. I think he should be banned from the playing field for the rest of the season, that may get his attention.

The Patriots said in a social media post that a three-person crew for a web series titled “Do Your Job” “inappropriately filmed the field from the press box” as part of a feature on the scouting department. The filming took place “without specific knowledge of league rules,” the statement said.

The team also said that while it was granted credentials for the crew from the Browns, the home team, “our failure to inform the Bengals and the League was an unintended oversight.”


Bill, yet another unintentional oversight?? There is nothing that goes on with the team Bill does not know about or put his stamp on.

Surprisingly enough, the Patriots are only 14 on the biggest cheaters list in football. I did not realize it was flagrant/widespread.

The NFL’s Biggest: Cheaters | Cheats

What? You were expecting another team to top the list? Blame your local and national sports media for misinforming you. Click on a team’s name to see all of their cheats or browse a list of the NFL’s biggest cheats instead.TEAMCHEATSCORE?

1. Denver Broncos(CheatScore of 53 = THE BIGGEST NFL Cheaters)

2. New York Jets(CheatScore of 51 = ELITE NFL Cheaters)

3. Indianapolis Colts(CheatScore of 48 = EXCEPTIONAL NFL Cheaters)

4. Pittsburgh Steelers(CheatScore of 44 = WELL ABOVE AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

5. San Francisco 49ers(CheatScore of 37 = ABOVE AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

6. New York Giants(CheatScore of 37 = ABOVE AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

7. Baltimore Ravens(CheatScore of 35 = TOUCH ABOVE AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

8. Oakland Raiders(CheatScore of 33 = TOUCH ABOVE AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

9. Miami Dolphins(CheatScore of 31 = AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

10. Green Bay Packers(CheatScore of 31 = AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

11. Washington Redskins(CheatScore of 31 = AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

12. Atlanta Falcons(CheatScore of 30 = AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

13. Seattle Seahawks(CheatScore of 29 = TOUCH BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

14. New England Patriots(CheatScore of 27 = TOUCH BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

15. Detroit Lions(CheatScore of 27 = AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

16. Carolina Panthers(CheatScore of 27 = TOUCH BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(CheatScore of 26 = TOUCH BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

18. New Orleans Saints(CheatScore of 24 = BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

19. San Diego Chargers(CheatScore of 23 = BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

20. Minnesota Vikings(CheatScore of 23 = BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

21. Buffalo Bills(CheatScore of 23 = BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

22. Philadelphia Eagles(CheatScore of 22 = BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

23. Chicago Bears(CheatScore of 22 = BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

24. Dallas Cowboys(CheatScore of 22 = BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

25. Cleveland Browns(CheatScore of 20 = WELL BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

26. Kansas City Chiefs(CheatScore of 17 = WELL BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

27. Tennessee Titans(CheatScore of 17 = WELL BELOW AVERAGE NFL Cheaters)

28. Houston Texans(CheatScore of 16 = HARDLY NOTICEABLE NFL Cheaters)

29. Cincinnati Bengals(CheatScore of 15 = HARDLY NOTICEABLE NFL Cheaters)

30. Los Angeles Rams(CheatScore of 15 = HARDLY NOTICEABLE NFL Cheaters)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars(CheatScore of 13 = HARDLY NOTICEABLE NFL Cheaters)

32. Arizona Cardinals(CheatScore of 12 = THE FEEBLEST NFL Cheaters)

I guess with all that $oldi (billions) behind professional football, the saying; win at all cost, is the credo with all the teams. Some are just bigger cheaters than the others, some get caught, others don’t.

How much $oldi are we talking about??

The NFL generated about $15 billion this past season, making it the king of U.S. sports. And the league is about to lean even harder on its fans, aiming to boost its annual revenue to $25 billion by 2027.Jan 28, 2019

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