Gotta bribe some American kids to work …

It is a huge problem in the USA to get some kids to do the FOUR LETTER WORD they hate the most, WORK. That is one of the pluses to immigration, most of them come to this country because they are hungry and want to work.

Some places like McDonald’s are even offering kids a $250 incentive bonus to get them to work.

Many of the kids in this country have been eating filet mignon most of their lives and don’t know what liver taste like. Some of them would rather poison their peers by selling them drugs, than do a 8 – 4:30. It is a lot easier and much more lucrative.

Devo mangiare un po ‘di fegato per apprezzare la bistecca (Gotta eat a little liver to appreciate the steak). Old Italian proverb.

Jamie Beaton is the CEO and co-founder of Crimson Education.


On the other side of the coin:

As he tells it, Jamie Beaton found his way to Harvard after applying to 25 universities in the U.S. and U.K. But the New Zealander says he had no guidance on how to get into an elite college, and he had to find that path himself.

He sensed a business opportunity. 

In 2013, at age 17, he and a partner gathered up some college friends and launched a new venture: a consulting service for international students seeking to attend elite American universities. Beaton’s employees would be tutors. They would help students craft college essays or mentor them through practice ACT and SAT tests. 

Beaton touts his company, Crimson Education, as a booming success. The company says it has raised $20 million from investors, has grown in value to $260 million and employs thousands of tutors to help its international clientele and U.S. students as well.

Although Beaton is a diamond in the rough; there are opportunities if someone is wise enough and aggressive enough to go after them.

I know the temptations are overwhelming to rather sell drugs or sit on one’s dead ass at home playing video games. It should be the obligation of the parent to set the example and make sure they raise honest, aggressive kids.

Be the parent not the kid They will love you more in the long run.

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