It is just a matter of time ……

Tucker Carlson on Democrats’ divisive politics: ‘Every revolution eats itself’

Tucker Carlson said Friday that Democrats appear to be obsessed with “identity politics” and that that position may lead to their downfall.

Carlson may be correct at this juncture in history, BUTT it is my belief that, sooner or later the parasitic anti-Americans will eventually take over this country through attrition in numbers. In the long haul the odds are against the GOOD GUYS.

The average American family has 3.2 kids (I would like to know where they get the .2 from); while by the end of 2100 Muslims are expected to outnumber Christians. According to the same study, Muslims population growth is twice of world’s overall population growth due to young age and relatively high fertility rate and as a result Muslims are projected to rise to 30% (2050) of the world’s population from 23% (2010). › agenda › 2018/05 › why-the-world-s-fastest-g…

May 3, 2018 – By 2050 the Middle East and Africa will be home to around 3.4 billion people – this is likely to be more than the populations of China and India …

With the immigration to the USA through the years, the Muslims are going to outnumber all the rest of the races. It may take 30 – 50 years, but their number constitute votes and votes are what controls who has the power in the country. Who gets the most votes has the power.

Has the transition already started you AXE?? You can answer this yourself.


Leading the parade is none other than TMC who was PLANTED into American politics by some very heavy hitters to throw a monkey wrench into our finely tuned machine. He did not succeed entirely, BUTT he got the movement going.


Carlson may be right at this time, BUTT the takeover by the above mentioned anti-Americans is inevitable.

The turning point will be, not only the outnumbered population votes, BUTT the sympathetic/worthless/parasitic/freeloading fools that are looking for a free meal and a free ticket through life in this country that buy into their movement. Put the two elements together, it is a recipe for disaster.

This country will go by the wayside the same way the Roman Empire did. Read the comparisons, they are frightening similar.

The greatness, strength and power the USA once held will no longer exist. People lie – numbers don’t.

I am glad I will not be around to see it. I feel sorry for all the kids of future that will never know just how great this country once was.

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