The party is over girl ……

AOC called out after claiming Trump food-stamp revisions might have left her family ‘starved’


Occasio make 174,000$ a year, plus all she can hustle on the side, and is worried that her family will starve. GMAFB girl!!

The compensation for most Senators, Representatives, Delegates, and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico is $174,000.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., received pushback Thursday after claiming her family “might’ve just starved” had the Trump administration‘s tightened requirements for food stamp recipients been in place when her father died in 2008.

Again, like so many other deceitful politicians out there that crave the lime-light, she is putting her own spin on the proposed reform just for a little ink.

Critics claimed the freshman congresswoman misrepresented the new rule, pointing out that it applies only to childless, able-bodied adults under 50.

To start with, anyone’s family that starves and one of them is making 174 grand a year, I see something drastically wrong wit that picture.

They are all the same; pathetic!! Occasio is just like one of her cousin Schiff that admitted he put his on spin on THE TRANSCRIPT that is spearheading the impeachment.

It leads me to wonder, just how many able-bodied freeloaders there are in Occasio’s family she is so concerned with?

After all; I would not expect anything different from someone that ran with a platform like this.

I can see there is one four letter word these fools do not shy away from. FREE.

Like so many other programs the government initiated to assist those who need assistance, because of greed – theft – dishonesty, the welfare system is totally broken.

ONLY – ONLY – ONLY a person who would put the welfare of his country before his OWN, would even consider, PUTTING HIS ASS ON THE LINE, pushing a reform like this a few months before an election.

If – If – If nothing else, a move like this has to be recognized even by his staunches enemies as man that is truly dedicated to his cause; MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.


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