Get the prime lots while they last ….

Based on his historical/uncontrollable propensity for sex; I don’t think Jimmy The Greek, a guy that would bet on two roaches crawling up a wall, would take the bet that Wild Bill was not involved with Epsetin and his secret island

James George Snyder Sr., better known as Jimmy the Greek, was an American sports commentator and Las Vegas bookmaker. Wikipedia

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That would be the same as an alcoholic being locked in the liquor store over night and not sampling all the different booze.


Wild Bill is not being investigated YET because he has too much clout.; you know, that good old Clinton Machine. BUTT that may change somewhere down the road. Lets face it; even sanctimonious/pomp-ass Andy thought he would get away clean.



And the beat goes on. Round and round it goes, where it stops no-body knows.

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