Just another PC-imbecile …..

Peloton sparks sexism outcry, mockery for holiday ad showing husband gifting wife an exercise bike

Only a psychotic can get out of this commercial what this fool did.

They never take things at face value; they are always looking under the covers to stir up the PC-pot and to put their own spin on it. I will label them as having the Schiff syndrome.


Vice declared that the woman in the ad is “absolutely not OK” and that the commercial is a “30-second tale of one [her] desperate journey into wellness hell.”

“Her grim motivation that pushes her to drag herself out of bed combined with exclaiming at the camera how blatantly, inexplicably nervous the Peloton makes her paint a bleak portrait of a woman in the thrall of a machine designed to erode her spirit as it sculpts her quads,” Vice’s Katie Way wrote. “Titled “The Gift That Gives Back,” the 30-second commercial is a mere glimpse into the barrage of horror its protagonist, a young wife and mother, slogs through daily.”

I will give this OVER-THE-TOP dissertation one big HOLY SHIT!!! I would conclude that Katie Way get some professional help, soon. She sounds like she s going to have a nervous breakdown over an exercise bike.

Just another in the long line of example how off the charts some PC fools have gone.

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