He hit him square in the Afro ….

Marine veteran turned congressional candidate calls Kaepernick a ‘national disgrace’


Caper-dick is milking anyone and everyone one he can to keep HIS THING going. He got fat off of his kneeling stunt and is playing it for all it is worth. It is disgraceful the amount of fools that support this guy.

Marine veteran who served in Iraq and is running for Congress in California called out Colin Kaepernick on Monday for “pulling the racism and victim card.”

Jeremy Staat, who also played in 31 NFL games across four seasons, wrote to supporters in a recent fundraising email that Kaepernick is a “national disgrace and I’m tired of seeing him celebrated like he’s a hero.”

Staat hit the Afro square in the head. Caper-dick is off the charts, and his supporters are just as bad.

If they have issues with how the blacks are/were treated, in many cases they are correct, they should show their dissatisfaction in another way other than kneeling during the National Anthem.

The American way is how many of the dissidence made their millions. They should at the very least respect the symbol of the United States.

I put Caper-dick on the same level as the hustlers in the black community that continue to piss off their people so they continue to financially support their life-styles. We all know who they are. Instead of preaching EDUCATION, they keep lighting a fire under their ass. EDUCATION is the only answer to turning things around. The agitators I am speaking of, do not want peace and harmony, they might have to go get a real job.

Do the black people have legitimate reasons for their frustrations?? Absolutely; but as the old saying goes; don’t do the crime – you won’t have to do the time. That is what I would call EDUCATING anyone constructively.

CRIME and the treatment of the criminals still remains the most visible issue for their plight, but very few of their leaders want to address the problem through EDUCATION.

As far as Caper-dick goes; his arrogance finally caught up to him. We can say he cut off his nose to spite his face. Brillant.

Say goodbye to Colin Kaepernick as an NFL player
https://theundefeated.com › features › say-goodbye-to-colin-kaepernick-as…

NEW YORK — Colin Kaepernick has as much chance of playing quarterback again … Kaepernick understood that if he kneeled to stand up for others, he would …

Hats off to Jeremy Staat; it takes some balls to come out against a very sensitive subject.


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