Taking it to extremes ….

Japanese department store ‘rethinking’ use of ‘period badges’ for menstruating employees

A department store in Japan is reportedly “rethinking” a new policy of having female employees wear a badge with a cartoon character dubbed “Miss Period” that signifies they’re menstruating.

Back in the old days; when a farm working women had a baby, she went behind a tree, delivered the baby herself, wrapped it up with care, nursed it and went back to the fields with the baby on her back. A little archaic?? I do agree, but there is such a thing of taking anything to extremes.

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What are these PC-ers going to come up with next; a don’t talk to me, I am pissed off today button??

The PC culture the world is wrapped up in has gone way overboard. Let’s get back to being natural instead of everyone being on pins and needles being over cautious not to do or say the wrong thing.

If turnaround is far play; the men in Japan have to come up wit their own badge to indicate they had a bad night, drinking too much sake and want to be left alone. We can call it a don’t fuck with me button!!


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