Call it anything , BUTT not reparation ….

Illinois city approves using marijuana taxes to fund reparations program

I said this so many times I have run out of spit. NO ONE owes anyone for reparation. How in the hell can ANYONE, regardless of race, color or creed be held responsible for what someone did 250 years ago?? That is insane.

If your old man was a crook, does that make you a crook?? Hell no.

Simmons said the source of the funds was especially appropriate, citing the “war on drugs” that has led to increased incarceration rates among African-Americans, particularly for marijuana-related offenses.

Now wait a minute. Is that not discrimination against the non-blacks?? You bet your ass it is. If everyone wants to play a fair game, there should be no favoritism shown to anyone.

We have to understand something. How long can anyone keep playing the same old broken violin?? Don’t commit the crime and you will not have to do the time. That goes for all races.


Give a man a fish he eats for one day – give a man a fishing pole he eats for the rest of his life – give a man reparation, we have just created a monster with their hand out!!

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