Slowly coming around ….

Once a year, Maureen Dowd, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist at The New York Times, allows her Republican brother Kevin Dowd to take over her column and opine about anything that he sees as a matter of importance. This year, he laid out his argument for President Trump’s second term and what he sees as a flawed Democratic field.

Kevin Dowd said it all in the next paragraph – Have you looked at the alternatives.

But her brother seems to see things differently. He began his column by pointing out that readers have asked his sister how it is possible that he can still support the president. He responded, “Have you looked at the alternative?”

Kevin Dowd praised Trump over his handling of Iran and North Korea and pointed to economic gains seen during his presidency. He praised Trump for supporting law enforcement and criticized 2020 candidates – Michael Bloomberg in particular – for “apologizing” for reducing crimes in big cities. Bloomberg has apologized for employing stop-and-frisk during his tenure as the mayor of New York City and then defended the practice after he left office.

I said this many times; does PDT gave some hang-up?? Absolutely; who doesn’t should roll the first Boulder. BUTTTTTT, his pluses without a doubt outweigh his minuses. Even the black voters that are not taken in by the Svengali crowd, (we know who they are) have a better appreciation for PDT than they do TMC.


When is the last time the Terrible Trio had a real job??

I will never deny the horrible past the black people had; but the only way to turn it around is through EDUCATION, not hatred. We can’t change the past, but we can control the future. Kids learn by example.

All three of these black leaders have so many skeletons in their closet, they can’t close the door. Is that what we mean when we say; teach by example???

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