Now that is a nasty sons-a-bitch ……

Bill Cosby interview: He expects to serve full 10-year sentence rather than say ‘sorry’

My Huxable took the hard road attitude throughout his trial and hasn’t changed a lick. I certainly would have more respect for the man if he admitted he acknowledged his crimes and felt sorry for what he did.

“I have eight years and nine months left,” Cosby said, When I come up for parole, they’re not going to hear me say that I have remorse.” 


The few little words I am sorry can go a long way in the view of public opinion. Hux is one stubborn, sociopath sons-a-bitch. His attitude will no go well when he comes up for parole, if he lives that long.

I always AXE the question; what if one of the ladies was your daughter???

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