Another check mark for PDT that goes unnoticed …..

Navarro & Amin: Trump administration protects consumers by keeping dangerous counterfeit goods out of US

Keeping the Fugazi’s out of the USA has been one of PDT achievements that he has received little attention or acknowledgement for.

As the old saying goes, especially these days; do 1,000 things right and no one notices – do one thing wrong and the cockroaches come out of the woodwork.

With the ever annoying holiday shopping upon us, American shopping online this holiday season and year-round face a significant risk of purchasing counterfeit goods – from fake watches and lead-laced toys to phony (Fugazi) “goose down” duvets stuffed with duck feathers and supposedly high-end ear buds with the low fidelity of tin cans.

In response to this rising e-commerce threat, PDT signed a Memorandum on Combating Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods on April 3. He thereby initiated a process to stop the flow of such contraband into the United States.

Have any of those that came before him ever made these kind of moves???

This way Nan and her clan can not buy those fake purses and jewelry claiming they are worth a lot more than they paid. The words fake and Fugazi just seem to fit the lady and her group of phonies.

Speaking of holidays, the only one I have any use for is Thanksgiving. It is the only one that is not commercialized to death and so $oldi oriented. It is all all about friends and family getting together, breaking drum stick, having a few drinks and enjoying each-others company. The boys may even get into a little tussle after a few shots & beers. It is a tradition. The rest of the holidays are all dollar$ driven and have turned into a big money pit, only benefiting a very few, most of whom don’t even believe in the origin. You know who I mean.

Back on track. Let us give PDT a little credit for the good he does. There are a lot of things he has done that go completely unnoticed or acknowledged.

POINT OF INTEREST: Have any of you socialist/democratic fools check your 401 or your stocks lately??? I don’t see you bitching about them.


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