Liz is taking a good shellacking lately ……

I told Andy to come clean, BUTT the lad didn’t take my advice. Now he has the shame of getting the royal boot.

Prince Andrew Was ‘Given’ ‘Beautiful Young Neurosurgeon’ by … › prince-andrew-was-given-beautiful-youn…

Prince Andrew was “given” a “beautiful young neurosurgeon” by Jeffrey Epstein when he stayed at the predator’s New Mexico ranch, according to a former housekeeper at the property. Deidre Stratton worked at Epstein’s notorious Zorro Ranch, and she told a podcast, Epstein: Devil …

Between Prince Harry marrying a multi-racial women and Prince Andrew being so heavily connected to a degenerate sex fiend; Liz must have her hands full trying to keep the English stiff upper lip.

David Niven in ‘Candleshoe’.

Regardless of the act she is putting on, I can not believe that Liz is a happy camper.

It used to be taboo even to marry outside of royalty blood line, let alone a commoner that has a mixed racial background. Along with that to deal with, now Liz has to be slammed with the shame of her grandson be implicated with a sex pervert/criminal and initially denying it.



The old saying; all that glitters is not gold very apropos in case.

Just like so many other traditions that made our world such a great place to live in; they are being dissected and dismantled until there will be nothing left. Anytime the basic fundamentals are removed from any established organization; is is not long before serious complications set in.

Tally Ho to the Queen. I hope she has some rays of sunshine ahead of her.

I know one way she can get some of the family back on track; cut out there allowances. That is always an eye opener.

There is a laundry list of dozens of them that receive very big compensation packages; all they have to do for it is behave and some of them have a hard time doing that.

Just one example: It is speculated that Prince Harry’s net worth is somewhere between $25 million and $40 million. He is on the lower end of the pay scale compared to some. Not bad for just having to show up for work everyday.

The way I see it; somewhere not be too far down the road, most of the traditions, not only where the royals are concerned, BUTT throughout the world, will be in the shit can. Without out control, rules and regulations, it undermines the stability of any organization.


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