Talk about corruption ……

The Ukraine scandal timeline Democrats and their media allies don’t want America to see.

These are just a few of the incidents:

March 22, 2016

VP Joe Biden engages in phone call from Washington DC with Ukrainian president Poroshenko about U.S. loan guarantees. It is believed in this call that Biden renews his demands that the president fire Prosecutor General Shokin, who is overseeing the Burisma prosecution, or risk losing the next $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees.


Can someone tell me the difference between what Jokin Joe did and what he is accusing PDT of?? JJ makes Trump look like an amateur.

Jan. 25, 2018

Former VP Biden boasts at Council of Foreign Relations events in Washington that he strong-armed Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko into firing Prosecutor General Shokin, using loan guarantees as leverage. He also calls Shokin’s replacement, Yuriy Lutsenko, “solid.”


April 15, 2014:

Burisma Holdings makes two payments to the Morgan Stanley account of Devon Archer’s and Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca Bohai in the amounts of $83,333.33 and $29,424.82, according to financial records obtained by Ukrainian authorities and the FBI.

Validation: Burisma Holdings financial records obtained by Ukraine Prosecutor General’s Office.

These boys have been stealing for years, BUTT have been shielded by some very heavy hitters. The corruption at the top is off the charts.

I said it many time, the investigator are the ones that should be investigated.

I would be a big a fool as the lefters out there if I said Trump was clean as the board of health. He is not, BUTT these thieves have him beat hands down and are getting away with it.

For a very apparent reason, I was not able to copy and paste the website with the complete information. Go to John Solomon Reports to read the rest. The facts do not surprise. It is astonishing the power these scumbags have.

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