Move over Lorena …….

Nothing new in the impeachment hearing with the same old finger pointing going on, one liar accusing another liar and both of them denying the accusation. I thought I would touch on another subject; one that all men cringe about when they hear it. The visual is frightening.

We used to play a game when we were kids called; CAN YOU TOP THAT. The concept was; someone did something crazy and someone else had to do something crazier.

Esperanza Gomez, 33, was drinking beers with her boyfriend when a female friend joined them at about midnight, according to the report

I gotta give it to Gomez, she won the CAN YOU TOP THAT CONTEST hands down. She made Bobbitt look like an apprentice in the severing a mans penis contest.

John and Lorena Bobbitt – Wikipedia › wiki › John_and_Lorena_Bobbitt

John Wayne Bobbitt and Lorena Bobbitt (née Gallo) were an American couple married on June 18, 1989 whose relationship made world-wide headlines in 1993 when, after years of being allegedly raped (he was acquitted on the rape charge), beaten, and sodomized by her husband, Lorena cut off his penis with a knife while he …

After a night fueled by booze and 3 is a crowd; Gomez got into a beef with her boy friend and accused him of try to get in some other lady’s skivvies. The argument turned real nasty and the guillotine mouthed Gomez bit of her boyfriends schvantz.

It was not reported if the victim was a lucky as John Bobbitt, who had Mr. Jones sewed back on. Believe it or not; John made some big money because of his wife butchery. The guy became a porno star touring the country. All the horny ladies wanted to see what a sewed on pecked looked like.

Yes, The John Wayne Bobbitt Adult Movies Were Very Real › Amazon › Entertainment › TV Show

Feb 16, 2019 – Fine, We Can (Briefly) Talk About John Wayne Bobbitt’s Porn … After the trial ended, he embarked on a 40-city tour during which he made appearances on … in two adult films, both of which show off his headline-making penis.

It is a wild world out there fellas. Be careful of where you unzip your trousers. Better yet, don’t date or marry a nut case if you intend to be on the prowl. Some of the ladies are not so forgiving.

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