Desperate housewife ………

New Jersey country club claims $30G wine-stained Hermes bag is fake

I have always maintained; a smart person should be good a what they do, even if they are a thief. That does not hold true of Maryana Beyder, a New Jersey country club member, who claims one of the servers spilled wine on he 30,000.00$ purse.

To start with, anyone who spends 30 grand on a purse should have their head examined. Secondly; if they are going to make a claim such as that, make sure the purse is authentic.

Naturally, after Beyder made her claim, the country club was smart enough to check the authenticity of the purse and determined, Beyder is nothing but, like her purse, is a Fagazi.


I wonder if the club will renew her membership?? Hellooooooo!!

We can bet the club’s sewing circle of gossips are chopping her to shreds.


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