The disgrace of the Catholic Church …..

Thousands of Catholic priests were accused of sexual abuse, then what happened? An investigation reveals most have become the priest next door.

One of the worst cases I ever read about was this piece of trash in Milwaukee who called himself a priest. He admitted to molesting over 200 deaf kids.

Sexual abuse scandal in Catholic archdiocese of Milwaukee … › wiki › Sexual_abuse_scandal_in_Catholic_archd…

The sexual abuse scandal in the Milwaukee Archdiocese is a series of sexual-abuse cases that … He is believed to have molested up to 200 deaf boys before the mid-1970s. … to the Diocese of Superior, but the offer was not accepted, and Murphy finally retired as a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in January 1993.

His crimes were covered up by the church and he was never penalized.

In my estimation; these are unforgivable crimes by the scum molesters as well as the hierarchy of the church for covering it up. If these incidents were reported in the infancy, 1,000’s of kids would have been spared the agony of the crimes.

Who is more at fault, the pervert or the people that covered the incidents up?? I say, they are equally as guilty.

The church deserves whatever backlash it gets.

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