Finally the agony is over …. ….

Sean Spicer eliminated from ‘Dancing With the Stars’



The only one I know of that takes a worse shellacking than Spicer and keeps coming back for more is his ex-boss PDT.

I have to give him a A+ for having the balls to go on the show and try to perform. He just does not have it to be a dancer. They guy has two left feet – no rhythm what-so-ever – stiff legs – flat feet an is living proof that THIS WHITE MAN CAN NOT DANCE.

For 8 agonizing weeks, the former buddy of PDT kept getting knocked down, BUTT kept getting back up; that we have to give him credit for. Other than that, it is about the agony of watching him dance is over.

He must have a lot of friends to survive week after week.

I think the judging rules are not as they should be. Each person can have as many as 10 votes. To make it fair to the good dancers, there should only be 1 vote per person allowed. If that were the case, Spicer and a lot of other 2 left footed people would have been gone on week one.

I wonder if Donny voted for his old pal??

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