Who is their bean counter????

Burger King discount ‘mistake’ costs franchisee millions: ‘We screwed up’

Hey fellas and gals at Burger King – 2 + 2 still = 4. Do you mean to tell me that the heads of a corporation as large as Burger King can not do simple math?? I guess not.


Customers were able to take advantage of a deal that allowed them to buy two Whoppers at a discounted price and get fries and a drink for “value meal” prices, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports. This mistake cost the company $1.50 on every sale.

The CEO of Carrols Restaurant Group, Dan Accordino, said that the original discount was an offer for “two Whopper Jr. sandwiches for $4, two Whoppers for $5 and two Double Whoppers for $6,” according to the paper.

Possibly they had a few chips missing from their abacus when putting the special together. .

Their little slip of the pen cost the burger joint a WHOPPING 8.2 million. I am sure they will not starve as a result of their blunder. They can always whip up a few discount burgers if they get hungry.

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