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Being that next Monday, November 11th is Veteran Day, I thought it would be appropriate if I shared my VA experiences with all of the GG’s followers. Hopefully, they will pass on this VERY IMPORTANT information to all of their contacts.

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For all of the veterans that are not taking full advantage of the benefits offered by the Veterans Administration, they are making a huge mistake. You earned it – you deserve it – go get it.


A few years ago I decided to do a just in case. Although I have excellent health insurance; I thought I should register what the VA in case I need it. That was one of the wisest things I did.

Shortly thereafter, I had some medical complications that required some high potent medication. The medication that cost 600.00$ + through my insurance company; cost 11.00$ at the VA.

I am on 6 medications and none of them cost over 11.00$ a prescription. When the 700.00$ deductible is met, they are free.

Not only is it worth joining for the prescription benefits, but there are a multitude of other fringe benefits they offer, depending on your circumstances. Free pair of glasses, w/exam, one a year, plus. All that is required is, naturally sign-up, and then at least once a year make a visit to your assigned VA doctor.

Unlike the private medical facilities/communities that have gone to the dogs (sad to say, it is all about their bottom line), they make you feel like they are doing you a favor, that is after they take out your eye ball$. The VA is very accommodating/flexible/professional and very punctual with their appointments. I can’t say enough about the organization.

They call you if they see a problem and address it before the bottom falls out.

There are so many benefits attached to being a veteran they should not be ignored. Take advantage of them.

I salute all of my fellow Jar Heads that went before me and after. I also salute all of the other branches that make our country safe. Without them, we would be screwed – blued – tattooed and possibly by now, be eating w/chop sticks.


I also salute all of the medical professionals who work for the VA throughout the country. I am sure they have other options, but decided to serve their country.

Special thanks to Dr. Sherry La Forest.

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