Talk about a flake-job ………….

Meghan Markle could pursue a political role in the US, says royal filmmaker: ‘Anything is possible’

Meghan Markle made history in May 2018 when she became the first biracial American to join the British royal family after marrying Prince Harry — but does the future hold a political role for the former Hollywood star in the states? One royal filmmaker believes anything can happen.

“I think anything is possible at the moment,” Nick Bullen told Fox News. “Meghan is rewriting the royal rule book and her desire to bring about change… She’s determined to make a difference.

Nickie Boy must be sniffing some cheap glue!! He recently released a new documentary titled “Meghan for President?” Yes Nick the Nut means the president of the USA. GMAHFB Nick.

Is there ever an end to some fools insanity???

I can bet Nick the Nut has a lot of fools that believe him.

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