Let me give Hanoi Jane a wake up call —-

Jane Fonda: The Sooner Donald Trump Is Gone, The Better For The Environment

Let me give Hanoi Jane a wake up call. Does THE MAN have his faults?? Maybe too many to count; BUTT if he was not in the drivers seat, the country would be in more serious conditions than it is already.

Can we even begin to imaging CHC and her crew trying to navigate through this quagmire with foreign governments?? Instead of taking a firm position with them on their continued hand-outs as Trump is doing, they would still be giving the farm away.

When Trump told Saudi government they would have to pay the freight for our intervention after their oil fields were attacked, their answer was, what took the USA so long to ask.

Trump’s claim the Saudis will pay ‘100 percent of the cost …
https://www.washingtonpost.com › politics › 2019/10/21 › trumps-claim-sau…

“Saudi Arabia is paying for 100 percent of the cost, including the cost of our soldiers.”Claimed by: Donald Trump

See the countries that receive billions of $$$ in foreign aid and we get nothing but grief/aggravation from them and no appreciation. Most of them think they have it coming.


While many of our citizens are living under bridges and eating out of garbage cans, we are giving trillions away to, not all, but many thankless countries.

It is about time the financing brake$ are put on. Charity begins at home. Trump seems to be the only president that sees it. I guess the ones that came before him never thought the well would run dry.

You say we are not in deep shit financially; take a look at the Real Time National Debt Clock.


Anyone that does not see a real problem has a severe problem.


I know Trump is not 100%, possibly not even 90%, BUTT he is the best we have. Support him if you are wise.

Hanoi Jane; go back to Vietnam – see if any of your comrades are still kicking. You sure are bitching a lot for someone that has done so well in the USA.


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