When you turn over the log, all the worms crawl out ….

ABC News’ spiking of Epstein story draws scrutiny toward Clinton ally George Stephanopoulos



What’s really raised eyebrows is a 2010 report of a party Stephanopoulos attended that Epstein had hosted.

Page Six reported that the convicted pedophile held an event in honor of Prince Andrew, who was one of the high-profile figures implicated in the scandal, in his New York City townhouse, and on the guestlist were several members of the media, including Stephanopoulos.

The party that these chameleons attended for Prince Andy was held after the convicted pedophile Epstein served time. I AXE you; does any stand-up/honorable human being /any person with a set of morals, continue to rub shoulders with a convicted pedophile?? Not where I come from. What this is a huge indicator of; they are cut from the same cloth.

Do I believe Epstein committed suicide?? Probably not. There are too many indicators that prove otherwise. If this worm continued to breath, there would have been a lot of heavy-hitting swinging dicks taken down the tubes.

Epstein’s Autopsy ‘Points to Homicide,’ Pathologist Hired by …
https://www.nytimes.com › jeffrey-epstein-homicide-autopsy-michael-baden

7 days ago – Jeffrey Epstein died in a Manhattan federal jail in August after he was … claiming on Wednesday that the evidence suggested that he did not take his own … said Mr. Epstein’s death was “hanging” and the manner was “suicide.

We have to evaluate people’s credibility by their history as to what we believe.



In the last 3 years we have witnessed the power of some of the dirty democrats and how they protect their own. It is an injustice and an insult to the rest of the stand-up/law-abiding American citizens that these worms get away with what they have. The Clintons have been beating the system ever since Wild Willie was having hookers delivered to the governors mansion. How he has the following and admiration from millions of fools baffles the hell out of me. They also must be cut from the same cloth. That smooth talking/ sweet talking southern boy sure has a lot of fools bull-shitted.

Bill Clinton – Washington Post
https://www.washingtonpost.com › special › clinton › stories › jones031498

Mar 14, 1998 – Former White House aide Kathleen E. Willey asserted in her own deposition … During his testimony, Clinton denied having sex with Lewinsky, although … in my mother’s bed with four prostitutes and done numerous other things, …. on a car parked behind the governor’s mansion and discovered Clinton and …

The lack of morality in these people is off the charts. For no other reason; they should have controlled their sick desires because of their kids. BUTT this is what sociopaths do. It is all about them.

Epstein took a lot of secrets to the grave with him. Lets us hope that justice prevails and all of his accomplishes get their day in court. Will it ever happen?? I don’t think so, these bastards are too powerful.

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